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Vadim Markel's Book Chapters and Extended Conference Proceedings

13. V.A.Markel
Unidirectional waves in discrete plasmonic waveguides  [AAM]
in More Adventures in Contemporary Electromagnetic Theory (Springer, in press)

12. V.A.Markel
Extinction of electromagnetic waves  [AAM]
in Springer Series in Light Scattering, Vol.9, pp.1-105 (Springer, 2023)

11. F. Kretzschmar, S.M.Schnepp, H.Egger, F.Ahmadi, N.Nowak, V.A.Markel and I.Tsukerman
The power of Trefftz approximations: Finite difference, boundary difference and discontinuous Galerkin methods; nonreflecting conditions and non-asymptotic homogenization
In Finite Difference Methods, Theory and Applications, pp.50-61 (Springer, 2015)

10. V.A.Markel, Z.Wang and J.C.Schotland
Optical diffusion tomography with large data sets
In Photonic Applications in Biosensing and Imaging, Proc. of SPIE, v.5969, pp.59691B-1-11 (SPIE, 2005)

9. V.A.Markel, V.M.Shalaev and T.F.George
Some theoretical and numerical approaches to the optics of fractal smoke
In Optics of Nanostructured Materials, ed. by V.A.Markel and T.F.George, pp.355-412 (Wiley, 2000)

8. V.A.Markel and V.M.Shalaev
Computational approaches in optics of fractal clusters
In Computational Studies of New Materials, ed. by D.A.Jelski and T.F.George, pp.210-243 (World Scientific, 1999)

7. V.M.Shalaev, V.P.Safonov, E.Y.Poliakov, V.A.Markel and A.K.Sarychev
Fractal-surface-enhanced optical nonlinearities
In Nanostructured Materials. Clusters, Composites and Thin Films, ed. by V.M.Shalaev and M.Moskovits, pp.88-107 (ACS, 1997)

6. R.Botet, E.Y.Poliakov, V.M.Shalaev and V.A.Markel
Fractal-surface-enhanced optical responce
In Fractals in Engeneering. From Theory to Industrial Applications, ed. by J.L.Vehel, E.Lutton and C.Tricot, pp.237-251 (Springer, 1997)

5. V.M.Shalaev, E.Y.Poliakov, V.A.Markel, R.Botet and E.B.Stechel
Optical properties of self-affine surfaces
In Fractal Frontiers, ed. by M.M.Novak and T.G.Dewey, pp.421-430 (World Scientific, 1997)

4. V.A.Markel, V.M.Shalaev, E.Y.Poliakov and T.F.George
Multiscaling in random cluster-cluster aggregates
In Fractal Frontiers, ed. by M.M.Novak and T.G.Dewey, pp.291-300 (World Scientific, 1997)

3. V.A.Markel, E.B.Stechel, W.Kim, R.Amstrong and V.Shalaev
Optical Properties of Fractal Nanocomposites
In MRS Online Proceedings Library 367, pp.417-422 (Springer, 1994)

2. Yu.E.Danilova, V.A.Markel, A.I.Plekhanov, S.G.Rautian and V.P.Safonov
Laser photomodification of fractal clusters of silver and gold
In Laser Physics, 3rd issue, pp.139-152 (Russian Center of Laser Physics, S.-Petersburg, 1992) [in Russian]

1. A.V.Butenko, V.A.Markel, L.S.Muratov, V.M.Shalaev and M.I.Stockman
Theory and numeral simulation of optical properties and selective photomodification of fractal clusters
In Nonlinear Optics, Proceedings of X International Vavilov Conference on Nonlinear Optics, ed. by S.G.Rautian, pp.275-281 (Nova Sci. Pub., 1992)

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