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Vadim Markel's Patents

1. US20210012542-A1
Apparatus and Methods for Non-Reciprocal Broken Ray Tomography
L.Florescu, V.A.Markel and J.C.Schotland

2. US2004262520-A1 2005-079167
Image generation method in e.g. optical tomography system, involves measuring both limited and sampled data of transmitted intensities of irradiated object, reconstructing images on transmitted intensities by executing specific algorithm
J.C.Schotland and V.A.Markel

3. US2004085536-A1 2004-410071
Tomographic image generation method involves reconstructing image of object by executing predetermined mathematical algorithm determined with respect to nonlinear operator, on measured transmitted intensity
J.C.Schotland, V.A.Markel, and J.A.O'Sullivan

4. US6628747-B1 2003-743603
Tomographic image generation method for dual beam internal reflection tomography, involves reconstructing tomographic image by executing prescribed mathematical algorithm with reference to incident waves
J.C.Schotland, V.A.Markel, and P.S.Carney

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